Daycare in OT 1111 Chalandriou

Project Description

The project started in 2012 and completion is expected in 2014. This is a building with basement, ground floor, first floor and attic, total area 2.000 m2. The building is designed with bioclimatic data as the correct orientation, the existence of large transparent surfaces to the south, extensive sun shading, natural ventilation, night ventilation in summer, using double glazing coated membrane low emissivity (low e), installation of ceiling fans, green roof construction etc.

Furthermore, the cooling system heating and hot water, it has been done with geothermal heat pump and coil units. For its operation, a vertical ground heat exchanger has been designed. Also, for the ventilation exchanger’s air / air integrated water element has been used. Finally, all the facilities of the building (ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, fire detection, etc.) are controlled by a central control system (BMS).

Project Details

  • Status: in progress
  • Year: 2012