Reinforcing Concrete

EΥDROMOS SA undertakes repairs of reinforcements of concrete on buildings which require reconstruction and rebuild.

Damage Restoration of Printing in Amygdaleza
Project Details
Repair of school building fire academy in N. Kifissia
Project Details
Repair of building labour centre Chalkis
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EYDROMOS SA undertakes private and public projects. With our many years of experience we are able to provide complete solutions in fast time and at low cost, adjusted to the quality standards of each structure.

Design & engineering

EΥDROMOS SA, having huge experience in design and construction projects, undertakes to design any kind of work, incorporating new technologies, quality materials, renewable energy sources and bioclimatic data.

Project Support Services

It is imperative need, from the moment of conception an idea and the decision to implement a project, to provide full support to the administration and management of a project.